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Monroe Publications is a publisher of high-quality non-fiction and fiction books of historical interest with an emphasis on works of military history. The flagship product of Monroe Publications is War Stories: World War II Firsthand™, a definitive multi-volume history of World War II. Monroe also publishes - in hardcover, paperback and digital formats - historical novels, YA stories of history, pop-culture non-fiction, comic books, adult coloring books and other types of works.

Educational Approach

Besides individual enjoyment and enrichment of the comic books there is an educational aspect when comic books are used as teaching aids in schools. For more than ten years educators have been experimenting with their use, as recognized in an article from teachinghistory.org, the National History Education Clearinghouse:   

“Interdisciplinary approaches to using comic books in the classroom are also helpful for the history teacher. Art educators often argue that reading and making comics encourages students to become more skilled at critically examining texts—full of complex concepts and human relations. Students and teachers can use comics to bridge the gap between personal experiences and history, examine the connection between comics and social groups (such as the "art world" and ethnic groups,) and to deconstruct the medium in order to gain a better sense of what issues affected society. The marriage of visuals and text also helps reach reluctant readers and bring the classroom teacher closer to youth culture. Similarly, language arts specialists find that engagement enhances reading fluency— even in the elementary years. Low-level readers, in various studies, demonstrate greater engagement with visual texts like comic books.” 

Monroe Publications plans to involve educators in preparing materials to aid in the use of these and other comic books in the classroom. More information about purchasing Pearl Harbor and The Day of Infamy in a printed or digital form is available in the SHOP on this website. Educators, please join our mailing list to find out how your school or district may benefit from educational discounts, sponsors for donations of issues and supporting educational materials.

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